Discover a new kind of games, at the crossroads of video games and board games!

Do you like getting together with family or friends over a board game? Do you like the immersive and dynamic aspects of video games? KaiKai games are made for you! No need to go to your dealer, you will be able to build and assemble the games yourself; it’s fun, handy, and fast!

Augmented board games for guaranteed immersion.

Playing a KaiKai game is like playing any traditional board game : players are gathered around a board and use pawns.
What makes KaiKai games unique is that all the actions you do on the game board are reflected on a screen like in a video game.
It’s a like getting sucked into the board game and experiencing the adventure in three dimensions. Your pawns and the scenery come to life and you are immediately immersed in the atmosphere of the game.

Play Video

Augmented reality as you have never experienced.

For the magic to work, it’s easy! All you need is:

A smartphone on which the KaiK’eye app is installed : it’s gonna be the « eye of the game »

A video game device with a screen on which the KaiKai game you want to play is installed.

The game’s board and other elements, which you will have printed and assembled beforehand.

Board games to assemble yourself for a shared and prolonged pleasure.

Want to play straightaway? Everything is available at home: print and assemble the game’s board other elements yourself. And for the more creative, imagine and build your own game accessories … Getting ready to play is also fun and friendly!